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A Pondering of Prosaic Potpourri

Seasons For All

While studying for a music performance degree some 35 years ago, I joined the male chorus my freshman year of college.

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Bach At The Piano

It’s been three weeks since I posted my first piano video, and it’s time for another one. This time around I’m performing The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, No. 2: Prelude & Fugue in C minor, BWV 847 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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The Mason & Hamlin Debut

I finally had a chance this past weekend to experiment with camera and mic placement while recording the piano. Of course, my grand plans (no pun intended, honest!) for a multi-camera setup and awesome sound aren’t quite there yet. But since my friends have all been patiently waiting to hear the new piano, I’m momentarily setting aside my quest for perfection in order to get something out there.

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Classic Doctor Who Card Game

For the past couple decades I’ve hosted what I believe to be the original and only card image archive for the infamous Doctor Who The Trading Card Game.

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Chasing Big Boy X4014

Last week I spent a day chasing the Union Pacific Big Boy X4014.

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A First Tune Up

It’s been six days since my new piano arrived, and it’s just had it’s first tune up.

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A Day At The Fair

My daughter and I paid a visit to the local county fair this past weekend. On a whim, I made the decision to record our mini excursion and post it on YouTube.

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Keep In Touch

Here’s a quick update regarding three features I’ve added: contact, comments and social media.

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A New Home

I finally made the switch! The Buege Family Blog is now running on new servers. This change is long overdue. I finally ran out of patience with my old hosting provider. You, my visitors, should appreciate the performance boost. I know I will!

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