Day 3

March 19, 2014 Tim 0

Day 3 of my fight against the BBA has gone much better than the first two days. My remaining two fish are still alive, and […]

Disaster Strikes!

March 18, 2014 Tim 0

Just the second day into my two week long battle against the algae foothold in my tank.  This morning I dosed another 20ml Excel and […]

Revitalization Take 2

March 17, 2014 Tim 0

When I last wrote about my tank, and how I was going to revitalize it, I had every good intention of doing so. However, as […]

Train Galleries Coming Soon

August 28, 2013 Tim 0

On my previous site I had hundreds of photos from various model railroad operations sessions I’ve been to over the years.  I’m still working out […]

Aquarium Revitalization

August 28, 2013 Tim 0

I’ve kept freshwater tropical fish for over ten years now.  I currently have a 20 gallon tank and a 10 gallon tank.  Both tanks have […]

A New Home With A New Look

August 15, 2013 Tim 0

After a year of dragging my feet, I’ve finally made the decision to relocate my website to a new hosting company.  With more features, a […]