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White Creek Railroad 2015

October 20, 2015 Tim 0

This past May I had the privilege to be invited back to operate on the White Creek Railroad, a 1/8 scale outdoor railroad near Cedar […]

Basement Layout Revisited

January 4, 2015 Tim 0

I’m starting to seriously think again about building a model railroad layout in the basement.  I found my old data files from when I worked […]

Thunder Bay Ops Weekend

April 1, 2014 Tim 0

I made a recent trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario for a four day operations weekend.  Pictures are posted on the Thunder Bay 2014 page.  

Train Galleries Coming Soon

August 28, 2013 Tim 0

On my previous site I had hundreds of photos from various model railroad operations sessions I’ve been to over the years.  I’m still working out […]